For Sale


Just in case you are interested [and have a farm or big back garden!!]  a young camel will set you back about QR 5000, and you can get an adult for QR 10000 upwards. 

Sheep and goats sell for around QR 500 each......and if you pay a bit extra, they will prepare the animal for eating!!

The animal market also sells pets and is in fact adjacent to the Fish Market with Al Naida Police Station in between. So there are strong odours in this part of Doha!!

There is a Sheep and Bird Souk and a Livestock Health Section in the Animal Market.

Turn into Wholesale Market Street off Salwa Road at the roundabout near the Wholesale Market. If you carry on along Salwa Road, it takes you to Doha Zoo.

On a map of Doha, look for the district called "Abu Hamour".

The Animal Market is open from 8 am to 1pm and from 5pm to 10 pm.