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Qatar Airways has achieved a tremendous 30 per cent growth, year on year, since its relaunch in 1997. 

The credit for this phenomenal growth record and an insistence on an impeccable standard of quality service, is down to the leadership of Mr Akbar Al Baker, who became Chief Executive Officer [CEO] in 1997. Qatar Airways only operated 4 aircraft in a regional capacity prior to his appointment.

Currently, it flies over 90 aircraft to more than 90 destinations world-wide. Furthermore, more routes are being announced almost every few months, it seems.

The dynamic CEO, Mr Akbar Al Baker, was born in Doha, Qatar, so he is passionate about building a world-class airline for the land of his birth.

He is a graduate in Economics and Commerce and worked at several levels in the Civil Aviation Directorate before becoming the CEO in 1997. In fact, he was a successful businessman in Doha for more than 25 years prior to 1997.

He holds a private pilot's license and is also CEO of several divisions of Qatar's national airline. These are:- Qatar Airways Holidays; Qatar Aviation Services; Qatar Duty Free Company; Qatar Distribution Company; Qatar Aircraft Catering Company  and Doha International Airport.

So, Mr Akbar Al Baker is very much a hands-on expert in all aspects of aviation and the driving force of Qatar Airways! They are indeed very lucky to have such a man at the helm! 

The global hub for Qatar Airways is Doha International Airport, located 5 kilometres from Doha'a city centre. This airport services 23 regional and international airlines. 

But even though Doha International Airport is a wonderful airport, that many countries would be proud of, a much larger, fantastic new airport is almost complete on the outskirts of Doha and will open in phases from 2012. 

The new airport will be known officially as New Doha International Airport [NDIA]. 

Unofficially, however, many international air passengers call this airport Qatar International Airport, since the city of Doha dominates the country of Qatar in so many ways, making the two synonymous with each other.

The name "Qatar Airways" has received a great deal of visual publicity in the UK in recent years through being the sponsor of  the Sky Weather report, which follows the ever-present, rolling Sky News programme. 

If there was ever an astute, high-profile marketing move, this was it!! 

Everyone watches weather forecasts and Sky Weather is amongst the most popular. So Qatar Airways gets high profile attention on UK television every hour of every day!

This is an airline that is going places in more than one sense! It is expanding at a tremendous rate, whilst keeping a very close eye on a high quality of service. Mr Akbar Al Baker will make certain of that!!

Qatar Airways....... Quality Always!!!