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FIFA responds to independent Ethics Committee statement. Thursday 13 November 2014
In reaction to the statement by the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee, FIFA has issued a statement read more >

Consultation process on the international match calendar 2018-2024 continues.
Monday 3 November 2014
As part of an ongoing consultation process, the task force set up by the FIFA Executive Committee to assess options for the international match calendar 2018-2024 met at the Home of FIFA in Zurich today, 3 November 2014 read more >

Task force on international match calendar 2018-2024 holds first meeting.
Monday 8 September 2014
The new task force set up by the FIFA Executive Committee to assess options for the international match calendar 2018-2024 met for the first time today, 8 September 2014, at the Home of FIFA in Zurich read more >

World Cup takes iconic world football competition to the Middle East for the first time ever.

The decision by the FIFA  panel of 22 members to stage the World Cup  in Qatar in 2022, is tremendous news not only for Qatar, but also for the whole Arabian Gulf region, and, indeed, the whole Middle East.

Even though there is criticism from some quarters, taking the World Cup to Qatar in 2022, following Russia in 2018, at least takes a world football competition to parts of the world that have never had the opportunity of staging it before.

If nothing else, it must be good for the spread of football, or soccer,  across the world. 

The World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will also benefit football in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrein, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.... especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai!

The staging of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, took the  competition to the continent of Africa for the first time ever, and was seen as an outstanding success, so why not stage it in other new regions that have never had the chance in the past?

There may be some ill-feeling in England regarding the failure to procure the tournament for 2018, but, at least England has already staged it in 1966, so why should others not have their first opporunity now?

Western Europe has already staged the World Cup in recent years, whereas Asia has never staged it. At least much of eastern Russia is in Asia, as well as Qatar.

Asia is a vast continent, so different parts of Asia are benefitting in 2018 and 2022.

Of course, Russia west of the Urals is in Eastern Europe, and that region has never staged a World Cup either.

So fair's fair....... it is a WORLD tournament, after all!!

Voting Record

This is how the voting went for  the Qatar World Cup 2022.

 Round 1:
 Australia 1;
 Japan 3;
 USA 3;
 South Korea 4;
 Qatar 11;

The country with the lowest votes, Australia, was then eliminated.

Round 2:
Japan 2;
USA  5;
South Korea 5;
Qatar 10;

So Japan then was then eliminated .

Round 3:
USA 6;
South Korea 5;
Qatar 11;

South Korea eliminated.

Round 4:
USA  8;
Qatar  14 ;

So ......Qatar wins........ FAIR AND SQUARE!!!

It can be seen that Qatar  was the CLEAR LEADER  in EVERY ROUND!

Some commenators have whinged that Qatar is too hot to stage a World Cup. 

However, they will find that Qatar has state-of-the-art air-conditioned,  innovative modern stadia to cope with the hot, humid climate. This has already been established by the State of Qatar Government and made clear on this web-site several months ago.