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However, Qatar doesn't really experience the continuous oppressive high humidity found in some other Arabian Gulf countries.

People also find relief in air-conditioned hotels and shopping malls in the worst of the summer heat. Other Qataris and ex-patriates working there, choose July and August to go elsewhere for their holidays. Many ex-pats head home for Europe during these months.

Doha's winter season, from late October until late March, is extremely pleasant, both during the day and evening.

Rainfall is scarce,averaging 70 mm, or 3 inches, which falls on isolated days from December to April.

Even then, the number of days with rain only averages 2 days per month in December and February, with only one day per month in January, March and April! Most Northern Europeans could live with that during the winter!!

According to Qatar's Tourism Authority, temperatures during the summer range from 38 degrees Celsius [100.4 degrees F] to 42 degrees Celsius [107.6 degrees F] during the day and fall to 18 degrees Celsius [64.4 degrees F] at night.

Winter temperatures can reach 34 degrees Celsius [93.2 degrees F] during the day, dropping to 10 degrees Celsius [50 F] at night.

However, during December, January and February, one is more likely to encounter day-time temperatures in the Seventies Fahrenheit.

Very pleasant ...........and a wonderful way of escaping the cold winters of Northern Europe, Canada and much of the USA!!