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The Pearl-Qatar is a dream development.

The project developer of "The Pearl-Qatar", is United Development Company [UDC], Qatar's largest private sector shareholding company, whose mission statement is to invest in long-term projects that provide good shareholder value, and, most importantly, contribute greatly to the growth and enhancement of the economy of Qatar. 

The targets are projects of top-quality design and style. Only the best is good enough!

UDC are among Qatar's most successful investors and developers. Many Qataris and other regional investors around the Arabian Gulf hold equity in UDC.

The Pearl-Qatar is a phased development comprising 10 distinct, themed districts that include beach-front villas, elegant town houses, exclusive penthouses, luxury apartments, superb marinas, 5-Star Hotels, top quality restaurants and retail outlets ..... all located on a multi-billion dollar man-made island covering 400 hectares or 985 acres.

It is Qatar's first international luxury residential development offering international investors freehold title ownership. It is a secure, lavish and exclusive island retreat, with a French Riviera style community.

Diversity of accommodation types, with residential choices of the highest standard, were key factors in the development. 

Luxurious villas have private sandy beaches, whilst fashionable apartments have sweeping sea-views. Everything is superb!

It is on a par with the best of the Mediterranean and is unlike any other destination in the Middle East. It is becoming known as the Arabian Riviera [Riviera Arabia].

The Pearl-Qatar has a fantastic 40 kilometres of reclaimed coastline and 20 kilometres of pristine, sandy beaches, so it is a  tourist destination in its own right.

The development has been named The Pearl-Qatar because it has been created on the site of Qatar's traditional Pearl Diving site.

Pearl Fishing was the earlier mainstay of the Qatar economy before the discovery of oil and gas transformed the prospects of  Qatar and the Qatari people.

Pearl Fishing has left a long legacy of stories, folk tales, music, art and poetry and is therefore a tradition deeply embedded in the hearts of Qataris.

So the name, The Pearl-Qatar reminds Qataris of their ancient roots and struggles of their forebears.

The Pearl is also a symbol of hope to Qataris, because pearl fishing was always about hope! Would the next oyster answer the dreams of a poor Qatari fisherman by revealing a beautiful, stunning pearl?

Well, a beautiful stunning Pearl is rapidly emerging from the Arabian Gulf off the shores of Qatar!! A far, far bigger, more valuable, Pearl is seing the light of day than any of the Qatari fishermen of the past ever envisaged!!

Imagine...... 18000 luxury homes.......... 2 million square metres of retail, leisure and restaurant space........ 3 marinas with moorings for about 1000 boats....... several public parks ....... all on a superb palm-fringed island linked by a causeway to the fine capital city of Doha, Qatar!!