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Qatar has very many superb luxury hotels and aparthotels, whose standards are very high.

Most have a 4 or 5 star rating.

They are located mainly in and around Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

Amongst the very best and most popular of these hotels and aparthotels are the following, which are listed in no particular order:

Another alternative for accommodation is the "serviced hotel apartment" sector. These places tend to work out cheaper than hotels for longer stays.

Of course, the majority of all Qatar hotels are in and around the capital, Doha, since Doha is by far the leading city in Qatar.

The Doha city area, on the south east coast, dominates the urban part of Qatar, since the country is small with a great deal of empty desert region in the centre.

Several of the luxury 5-star hotels are located in the West Bay coastal area of the Diplomatic District, north of Doha Corniche, as it is the perfect location for direct access to nearby beaches.

The West Bay Lagoon area, just a little further north of the Diplomatic District, and about 25 minutes from the airport [which is in the south-east of the city], is a lovely relaxing location with breath-taking views over the Arabian Gulf, its fine sandy beaches and the nearby yachting marinas.

The Pearl Qatar and Lusail City, on the east coast, also have excellent, high-quality hotels, in amongst their superb modern developments.

Another very popular area with splendid hotels is the southern end of Doha Corniche, near Qatar National Museum and Doha Port. These hotels are fairly close to Doha International Airport,so they are ideal for business travellers and stop-over tourists.

There are also some hotels even closer to the airport than the Corniche area, so they are even handier for busy travellers visiting Qatar on hectic business schedules.

Generally speaking, the standard of hotels in Qatar is very high, so all travellers, both in the business and tourism sectors, will be very satisfied with their stay in this wealthy little oil-rich country on the sunny shores of the Arabian Gulf.

Qatar is synonymous with quality!

Why not visit Qatar and see for yourself?